Central Air Conditioners, Ductless Air Conditioning

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When you are looking to beat the heat in the most cost-effective way possible, central air conditioning systems work more effectively and efficiently than portable or localized single-room units and are quieter and more convenient to use

If you need to cool multiple areas of your house, central air units can help save energy and will provide even temperatures throughout.
Central air units also come with extended warranties and are designed for heavy usage, providing greater value over time.

Annual service of your central air conditioner helps it run at peak performance and reduces costly break-downs.
Hoover’s Home Energy Inc. can help you select the best solution for your residential air-conditioning needs.

Rooftop – HVAC Units

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Hoover’s Home Energy provides sales, installation (including duct work), service and repairs of commercial HVAC units to keep your office or business at the right temperature.
With so much riding on your business, why trust anyone other than the fully trained and certified staff at Hoover’s to make sure the job is done right.

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