A heating and cooling system is one of the most important investments you can make in your home or business. Though a sudden breakdown may force you to make the decision quickly, it’s not a choice you want to take lightly because it impacts your comfort, safety and wallet. Hoover’s Home Energy Inc. provides installation and maintenance services for a full range of heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial clients.

Whether you choose a natural gas, propane, oil, wood, or a multi-fuel based system, our staff is fully licensed and trained to ensure that no matter the job, we can deliver the peace of mind that comes from a safe installation that’s done right. Each type of energy has advantages and disadvantages based on factors such as the size, age and construction of your home or building, and we’ll work with you to determine a heating solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

Furnaces – all types including electric and multi-fuel

Hoover’s Home Energy Inc. provides sales, installation and service for all types of furnaces, from natural gas, propane, oil and wood to electric and multi-fuel models.
There are a great number of brand names on the market and a lot of claims are made. Hoover’s Home Energy Inc. carefully selects the manufacturers we do business with on the basis of overall quality and reliability, product features and performance, and how well the product is backed.

Whether you are looking to go green or just looking for the most cost-efficient way to heat your home during those long Canadian Winters, Hoover’s Home Energy Inc. can help you choose a furnace that will provide worry free performance for years to come to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Heating And Cooling Products

By Napoleon

Napoleon is built on a passion for high quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Napoleon has launched a full line of HVAC equipment that exceeds both industry and consumer expectations. The HVAC line includes an impressive Gas Furnace Line, a Hybrid Furnace Series and Air Conditioning Units. Each designed with superior engineering and with your peace of mind at the heart of everything they do. Guaranteed for years of safe and efficient performance.

Gas Furnaces

High Efficiency is at the heart of the Napoleon Gas Furnace line as they represent a passion for high quality and your satisfaction. Advanced technology maximizes the efficiency of Napoleon’s gas furnace line. This line offers you added value with high quality components that propel them past industry standards and are designed for your peace of mind.

9600 Series
The Only Gas Furnaces
Made in Canada

The 9600 Series features a two-stage gas valve and a variable-speed energy efficient ECM blower motor
10 year full replacement warranty

9700 Series
Ground breaking Efficiency
Ultra efficient 97.1% most efficient two stage gas furnace on the market.
Only furnace on the market with a 15 year FULL replacement warranty.

Oil furnaces, double wall tanks, inspections

We supply and install as well as service and clean all types of oil furnaces, boilers and tanks. We also do TSSA Comprehensive inspections for insurance purposes and for fuel providers.